I Want to Be A Kumquat Tree

The following is a poem I wrote during an extended period of silence with God. The text that inspired this is John 15. 

I Want to Be A Kumquat Tree

Those cute little fruit

smiling down on me.

I want to be a kumquat tree.

A little bit of lemon

A little lime

Orange to make the world go round.

Tough outer layer,

A burst of juice,

Sweetness in the middle of bitter.

Always connected to my trunk

and root dug deep.

Branches reach out to gather sun,

Bud, then flower, then fruit does grow.

Branches that are weak fall off

or pruned by gentle hand.

The fruit grows heavy, dipping branch low,

For little hands to pluck,

and eat,

and delight in.

I want to be a kumquat tree.

Bitter rind reminds us of the sorrows of life.

Tough, it surrounds us, pith and peel.

But inner core is sweet and rich

A flavorful, thirst-quenching burst.

This is the sweetness,

The unique spray of joy,

That only God’s fruit deploys.

I want to be a kumquat tree.

Carefully pruned and kept,

So that the fruit that comes from my branch

Will squirt Jesus juice with every bite.


3 comments on “I Want to Be A Kumquat Tree

  1. Fabulous! WOW! I really like how you compare and contrast colors and tastes, culminating with the fact that it’s the tree bearing fruit through your branch. Very. very thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I almost want to say something about your taste in poetry,
    but that might be going out on a limb.
    Still rooting for you, though.
    Pun pun pun. <(")

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